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IVE – Lion Heart, 2022MBC가요대제전 221231
IVE,FIGHTING. ive 아이브 Lion heart by IVE in 2022MBC가요대제전 221231: [가요대제전] IVE WONYOUNG & LEESEO – strawberry moon(아이브 장원영 & 이서)FanCam | MBC Music Festival|MBC221231방송: [MPD직캠] 아이브 직캠 4K 'After LIKE' (IVE FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2022.9.1: Rei - IVE : rei 220619-장원영-JANGWONYOUNG-아이브-IVE-LOVE-DIVE-4K-60P 2022-MBC-가요대제전-아이브-라이언-하트-IVE-Lion-Heart-MBC-221231-방송.mp4 to be continued: reference: ive 아이브 IVE members look impeccable in the PD photos from SBS's 'Inkigayo' IVE Members Profile Ive (group)
페이스캠4K 레드벨벳아이린 Feel My Rhythm Red Velvet IRENE FaceCam @SBS Inkigayo_2022.04.03.
Red Velvet IRENE is so pretty. Red Velvet IRENE 페이스캠4K] 레드벨벳아이린'Feel My Rhythm' (Red Velvet IRENE FaceCam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2022.04.03.h265 reference: April 3, 2022, Red Velvet Irene - 'Feel My Rhythm' at Inkigayo Red Velvet – Feel My Rhythm Red Velvet Feel My Rhythm MV Teaser + Screencaps (4K)
What makes me feel comfortable and calm during the strict zero-covid policy on china’s mainland is that online watching IU’S concert named golden hour in Seoul, Korea.
It is a pity that it is difficult for citizens to leave China Mainland due to the influence of the PRC (china mainland) government's strict management and control policy on covid-19. Fuck, dynamic reset or dynamic zero-COVID policy. The city is often closed and locked down, and the wallet is cleared. Patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia (covid-19 /Sars-Cov-2) always appear. The effect of the zero-clearing policy is not good at all. When people are forced to accept the government's management, there is no economic subsidy, and we have to consume our savings to buy high-priced goods or food under the strict urban blockade. Not to mention, the business is difficult, and the income has declined. It is difficult and impossible at all to make citizens appreciate the government. Maybe only music can make people feel a moment of comfort. The video content that is not specially marked is the reprinted content by default, and it is updated from time to time. if infringement your rights, contact me to delete it. Welcome to cooperate. 220917-The-Golden-Hour-Concert, Seoul, Korea. 十分遗憾的是,由于中华人民共和国政府对于新型冠状肺炎严格管理控制政策的影响,很难离开中国大陆。去他妈的,动态清零。动辄封城,钱包清零了,新型冠状病毒肺炎患者总是在出现,清零政策效果一点也不好。当民众被迫接受政府的管理时,不仅没有经济补贴,反而在严格城市封锁下艰难度日,消耗积蓄购买高价商品或食品,很难让公民产生好感。更不用说,企业经营困难,收入下降了。 或许只有音乐可以令人感受到片刻的安慰,罢了。 未特殊标注的视频内容默认为转载内容,不定期更新,侵权联系删除,欢迎合作。
Until 2022, the China mainland government, still Forces residents to do compulsory nucleic acid tests.
Image text recognition results: Wanshitong 皖事通: Anhui province government affairs service online center Ankang Code (Anhui Province Health Code, East China)Toggle Respect for the Elderly Version Ankang Code Hefei Important notice July 18, 2022, There is still 11:07:00 before the pop-up window cannot be closed. Nucleic acid testing personnel. Please complete at least one nucleic acid test. The Ankang Code will automatically remove the pop-up window after automatically obtaining (or uploading a user's complaint) a negative nucleic acid test report. The pop-up window can be closed within 24 hours. If the system does not automatically obtain (or the user does not upload) the negative nucleic acid test report, the pop-up window will not be closed, and you will not be able to use the Ankang Code. I want to appeal the Nucleic acid test pre-registration code Nucleic acid test report Vaccination inquiry: vaccinated x2+1 Nucleic acid test report: no record within 48 hours Relying on the national integrated government service platform to achieve cross-provincial data sharing and mutual recognition. 图片文字识别结果: 皖事通:安徽省在线政务服务中心 安康码 切换敬老版 安康码(安徽省健康码,华东) 合肥 重要提示 2022年07月18日 距离本弹窗无法关闭还有 11:07:00 弹窗编号( 根据安徽省防疫政策,经流调排查和大数据分析,您可能为未在规定的时间内进行核酸检测人员。请本人至少完成一次核酸检测,安康码将在自动获取(或用户申诉上传)本人核酸检测阴性报告后自动解除弹窗。24小时内弹窗可以关闭,如果在24小时后安康码系统未自动获取(或用户未上传)本人核酸检测阴性报告,弹窗将无法关闭,您将无法使用安康码。 我要申诉 核酸检测预登记码 核酸检测报告 疫苗接种查询: 已经接种疫苗x2+1核酸检测报告: 48小时内无记录依托全国一体化政务服务平台,实现跨省数据共享和互通互认.
Fuck! The whole city in China, Anhui province will be blocked for 11th nucleic acid testing again and again during August 2022
Another city-wide lockdown for nucleic acid testing. Faced with hundreds of coronavirus nucleic acid tests and prolonged city lockdowns in mainland China over the past few years, it's tough to be happy. FUCK !!!!!!! Mainland China Nucleic acid testing, groups of 20, citizens "free", the government pays, the price is 0.5-1 us dollar/person The newest lockdown lasted for more than half a month。 What's worse, it's hard to know when the subsequent urban blockade will occur in the Chinese Mainland and how long the city closure will last. Chaotic management occurs repeatedly, and it's hard not to be disgusted. 又要全城封锁进行核酸检测了,在中国大陆过去的几年里,面临数百次的新型冠状病毒核酸检测和长时间的城市封锁真的很难让人高兴。 fuck !!!!!!! 中国大陆 核酸检测,二十人一组,公民“免费”,政府付钱,价格0.5-1 us dollar/person 封城基本上持续半个月以上.更糟糕的是,我们很难知道在中国大陆下一次城市封锁会发生在什么时候以及封城会持续多久,混乱的管理一次又一次发生,很难不让人厌恶。 一次性病毒采样管 Disposable virus sampling tube