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IVE – Lion Heart, 2022MBC가요대제전 221231
IVE,FIGHTING. ive 아이브 Lion heart by IVE in 2022MBC가요대제전 221231: [가요대제전] IVE WONYOUNG & LEESEO – strawberry moon(아이브 장원영 & 이서)FanCam | MBC Music Festival|MBC221231방송: [MPD직캠] 아이브 직캠 4K 'After LIKE' (IVE FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2022.9.1: Rei - IVE : rei 220619-장원영-JANGWONYOUNG-아이브-IVE-LOVE-DIVE-4K-60P 2022-MBC-가요대제전-아이브-라이언-하트-IVE-Lion-Heart-MBC-221231-방송.mp4 to be continued: reference: ive 아이브 IVE members look impeccable in the PD photos from SBS's 'Inkigayo' IVE Members Profile Ive (group)