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Until 2022, the China mainland government, still Forces residents to do compulsory nucleic acid tests.
Image text recognition results: Wanshitong 皖事通: Anhui province government affairs service online center Ankang Code (Anhui Province Health Code, East China)Toggle Respect for the Elderly Version Ankang Code Hefei Important notice July 18, 2022, There is still 11:07:00 before the pop-up window cannot be closed. Nucleic acid testing personnel. Please complete at least one nucleic acid test. The Ankang Code will automatically remove the pop-up window after automatically obtaining (or uploading a user's complaint) a negative nucleic acid test report. The pop-up window can be closed within 24 hours. If the system does not automatically obtain (or the user does not upload) the negative nucleic acid test report, the pop-up window will not be closed, and you will not be able to use the Ankang Code. I want to appeal the Nucleic acid test pre-registration code Nucleic acid test report Vaccination inquiry: vaccinated x2+1 Nucleic acid test report: no record within 48 hours Relying on the national integrated government service platform to achieve cross-provincial data sharing and mutual recognition. 图片文字识别结果: 皖事通:安徽省在线政务服务中心 安康码 切换敬老版 安康码(安徽省健康码,华东) 合肥 重要提示 2022年07月18日 距离本弹窗无法关闭还有 11:07:00 弹窗编号( 根据安徽省防疫政策,经流调排查和大数据分析,您可能为未在规定的时间内进行核酸检测人员。请本人至少完成一次核酸检测,安康码将在自动获取(或用户申诉上传)本人核酸检测阴性报告后自动解除弹窗。24小时内弹窗可以关闭,如果在24小时后安康码系统未自动获取(或用户未上传)本人核酸检测阴性报告,弹窗将无法关闭,您将无法使用安康码。 我要申诉 核酸检测预登记码 核酸检测报告 疫苗接种查询: 已经接种疫苗x2+1核酸检测报告: 48小时内无记录依托全国一体化政务服务平台,实现跨省数据共享和互通互认.