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Fuck! The whole city in China, Anhui province will be blocked for 11th nucleic acid testing again and again during August 2022
Another city-wide lockdown for nucleic acid testing. Faced with hundreds of coronavirus nucleic acid tests and prolonged city lockdowns in mainland China over the past few years, it's tough to be happy. FUCK !!!!!!! Mainland China Nucleic acid testing, groups of 20, citizens "free", the government pays, the price is 0.5-1 us dollar/person The newest lockdown lasted for more than half a month。 What's worse, it's hard to know when the subsequent urban blockade will occur in the Chinese Mainland and how long the city closure will last. Chaotic management occurs repeatedly, and it's hard not to be disgusted. 又要全城封锁进行核酸检测了,在中国大陆过去的几年里,面临数百次的新型冠状病毒核酸检测和长时间的城市封锁真的很难让人高兴。 fuck !!!!!!! 中国大陆 核酸检测,二十人一组,公民“免费”,政府付钱,价格0.5-1 us dollar/person 封城基本上持续半个月以上.更糟糕的是,我们很难知道在中国大陆下一次城市封锁会发生在什么时候以及封城会持续多久,混乱的管理一次又一次发生,很难不让人厌恶。 一次性病毒采样管 Disposable virus sampling tube