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VPS Downtime documentary
iu eight The server is reset, the SSH user name and password are automatically changed, and the original connection fails. Fortunately, there is a server snapshot. The data is rolled back through the snapshot. Although some data is lost, it is being recovered. Fortunately. At the Cannes Film Festival in 2022, a student team from Hebei Province in the Chinese Mainland won an award for low-cost shooting, which is suspected to be the second prize. What I saw was the footage they took. My artistic appreciation is really poor. How to say, I think the video filter is a bit weird. It has a feeling of smearing China, a feeling of panic, helplessness, gloom, and depression. Unspeakable feeling. In general, the teams or individuals in the Chinese Mainland did not perform very well in this Cannes Film Festival, and few won awards. Singer Li Jieun (IU) attended the Cannes Film Festival for the first time, which was really unexpected. Maybe she's changing from a popular singer to an actoress? rub one's eyes and wait. 宕机纪实 服务器重置,ssh用户名密码全部自动更改,原先的连接全部失败。幸好有服务器快照,通过快照回滚了数据,尽管有一部分数据损失,正在恢复,万幸。 2022年度戛纳电影节,中国大陆地区河北省的一个学生队伍以低成本拍摄方式,获得了一个奖项,疑似是二等奖。我看的是他们拍的片段,我的艺术鉴赏能力实在不行。怎么说呢,觉得视频滤镜有点怪异,有一种抹黑中国的感觉,一种恐慌无助灰暗压抑的感觉。说不出来的感觉。总的来说这一戛纳电影节,中国大陆的团队或个人表现得不是很好,获奖的很少。 歌手李知恩(IU) 首次参加了这次戛纳电影节,着实很意外。或许在从大势歌手转型演员?拭目以待。