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Add ipv6 address for buyvm™ VPS and Scan all ports by Nmap to prepare more for network attacks with special purpose
Obtain the IP address according to the reverse resolution of the domain name, conduct a simple analysis of the network structure according to the mtr command, obtain the open ports through the Nmap global port scan, and find the available ports. Add ipv6 addresses to hosts under buyvm to support IPv6 access. For Ubuntu 22.04, vim /etc/network/infaces does not seem to be able to add the ipv6 public network address, and the address is added through vim /etc/netplan. Enter the editing mode by typing "i". After modifying the content, type "ESC" to enter the command line mode and enter ":wq" to save and exit. END ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The following content is reproduced content; please respect the copyright of the copyright owner: https://cyp0633.icu/archives/1244 Record to add IPv6 address for Ubuntu 20.04 https://web.archive.org/web/20220531083537/https://cyp0633.icu/archives/1244 This article takes BuyVM's VPS with Ubuntu 20.04.3 as an example, hoping to prevent more people from stepping on the pit or even encountering server disconnection. Especially for VPS users who are not BuyVM, the situation is not necessarily the same. It is recommended to also refer to the references in bold below. Assign IPv6 addressBuyVM's VPS itself does not have IPv6, only one IPv4. To assign an IPv6 address, click Assign IPv6 Address in the Stallion Administration Interface - Virtual Services-Networking-IPv6. You can choose one randomly or specify an IP address within a range. Click Add IPv6 Address, and you're done. Don't close Stallion just yet, and wait for the next step. Edit Netplan settingsMost of the tutorials found on the Internet are the methods used by older versions of Ubuntu, and Ubuntu 20.04.3 has started to use Netplan. Connect to the server using SSH. If you are worried that the connection will be lost due to improper operation, you can directly use the VNC connection, as described in the…